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I downloaded these files from the Quarterdeck FTP server shortly before the tech support center was transitioned from Missouri (the location of Datastorm, the original publishers of Procomm Plus) to wherever Symantec relocated operations. It appears to be a good decision since many of the samples and some patches are not available via Symantec. I have obtained permission from Symantec to make these files available on my server.

All patches listed on this page are intended for the US versions of Procomm Plus. If you are looking for patches for the internationalized versions of the product, please view this page. To the best of my knowledge, any file that is not a patch, such as an example script or support utility, should work properly with any locale of Procomm Plus.

Please note that I have only copied and pasted the description of the various files from the original Quarterdeck file listings. On many of these files, I cannot offer more information that what is already displayed. Most files are self-extracting executables, which will usually contain a text file with additional information. Several of these programs were intended for use with systems that are long gone, such as PC Pursuit, GEnie, and so forth. However, I hope that you will still find the sample code in the scripts useful.

Files pertinent to all versions of Procomm Plus:

comprt.exe - Program to fix COM port problems.
tb16.txt - SMARTDrive Causes Lost Characters/Download Errors
tb19.txt - History and Features of File Transfer Protocols
tb41.txt - Fax Class Capabilities of your modem
tb42.txt - Host Mode File Transfers
tb50.txt - Introduction to Fax Modem Commands
tb53.txt - Incomplete file transfers
tb56.txt - Host Mode: Welcome Message No Show
tb58.txt - General Host Mode Problems
tb72.txt - Error Correction Mode (ECM)
tb76.txt - Procomm Plus compatibility with Windows NT
tb78.txt - Specifications for DLL's for ASPECT
tb87.txt - About Null Modem Cables
tb89.txt - Resolving common IRQ and BPA conflicts
tb93.txt - Identifying and Resolving TSR Conflicts
tb103.txt - ASPECT Top 10 Scripting Questions and Answers
tb108.txt - Adding a macro to Microsoft Word for faxing
tb115.txt - Using WinLink
tb116.txt - Dial-Up Network Server Incompatibility
tb117.txt - Dynamic Link Libraries and Windows ASPECT
tb122.txt - Testing an RS-232 Connection (Paper-Clip Test)
tb127.txt - Fax polling
tb128.txt - Lines, Dots, & Dashes in the Fax: Reverse Bit Ordering
tb137.txt - Caller ID Frequently Asked Questions
tb150.txt - OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
tb162.txt - Keyboard Mapping
tb166.txt - File Association Under Windows 95
tb175.txt - Using DDE with Procomm Plus
tb178.txt - ASPECT Compiler Options and Programming Hints
tb183.txt - Connecting to a Low-Speed Modem
tb184.txt - Setting Up Silent Answer

Procomm (shareware version):

callback.zip - Script to allow host to answer only after two phone calls are received
pcdir.zip - Increase the number of entries in your dialing directory
pcmmouse.zip - Add mouse support to Procomm
plusmnu.zip - Add Microsoft mouse support to Procomm
poe120.zip - Enables Procomm to use external transfer protocols
ppe25b.zip - Procomm Protocol Enhancer, another external protocol enabler
prcdir.zip - Utility to convert Procomm dialing directory to ASCII file and vice versa.
prcmdl.zip - Generates .CMD scripts to automate downloads
prcmfixs.zip - Various fixes for Procomm
prcmjr24.zip - How to run Procomm on the IBM PCjr
prcmso.zip - Another utility to sort the Procomm dialing directory
prcmst11.zip - Yet another utility to sort the Procomm dialing directory
prcmv24c.zip - Another download script generator
prdirsrt.zip- And yet another dialing directory sort utility
probbs.zip - BBS script
procomm230.zip - Version 2.30 of Procomm
procomm24d.zip - Documentation for version 2.4 of Procomm
procomm241d.zip - Documentation for version 2.4.1 of Procomm
procomm242.zip - Version 2.4.2 of Procomm
procomm243.zip - Version 2.4.3 of Procomm
profon10.zip - Directory editor for Procomm
prologi.zip - Add Logimouse support to Procomm
promouse.zip - Add Promouse support to Procomm
proscrpt.zip - Script generator for Procomm
protemp.zip - Keyboard template for Procomm
protime.zip - Enables running Procomm at specified times
rletrap.zip - TSR to enable display of RLE graphics in Procomm
robin10.zip - CMD file to implement round robin dialing
tspfon30.zip - Various files and information for Procomm

Procomm Plus for DOS version 1:

cvtt100.zip - Utility to read and write Procomm, Procomm Plus, and Telix directories
fonlog20.zip - Utility to analyze PCPLUS.FON
pcpdir.zip - Utility to edit dialing directory
pcplusrt.zip - Sort dialing directory by name
pcplustd.zip - Test Drive version of Procomm Plus
pcppata.zip - Patches for Procomm Plus version 1.1A
pcppatb.zip - Patches for Procomm Plus version 1.1B
pcpreorg.zip - Utility to reorganize your dialing directory
pdq41.zip - Scripts to automate QWK packet operations
pfplus11.zip - Directory editor for Procomm
prcm_ext.zip - Adds support for external transfer protocols
proczmdm.zip - Adds Zmodem support to Procomm
promo1.zip - Add Microsoft Mouse support to Procomm Plus
prpaspz2.zip - Another method to add Zmodem support
suppdisk.zip - Supplemental disk for Procomm Plus 1.0

Procomm Plus for DOS version 2:

132col.hlp - 132 X 50 (VGA) in PROCOMM PLUS 2.x
25rows.exe - Correct display problem: AT&T6300 and others
3101.exe - DOS ASPECT emulation example - IBM 3101
aerobr.exe - PCPLUS script: get EMI AEROBRIEF
asphst.exe - Scripted Host mode for PROCOMM PLUS
asplrg.exe - DOS ASPECT large scale compiler (ASPCOMP.EXE)
baud.asp - DOS ASPECT: Set non-standard baud rates
beeper.asp - DOS ASPECT: Detect a ring and dial pager
brc_asp1.zip - Script to automate BBS tasks
calbck.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script to automate ringback
cduat.exe - Script to access CONTEL DUAT
cipp33.exe - Free CIS navigator
cippasp.exe - Source portion of CIPP
cisasp.exe - DOS ASPECT: CompuServe logon scripts
cisphn.asp - Script for 1-800- CIS phone numbers
cmdasp.zip - Some tips on converting earlier script formats to v2.01
course.exe - DOS ASPECT Script Writing Course Parts 1 & 2
cserve.asp - Sample CompuServe logon script
csplus.exe - Script to automate Mail & Forums 3.11
cvt243.exe - Convert ProComm .DIR to PROCOMM PLUS 2.x .DIR
d2umodem.exe - Updated WMODEMS.DAT file
d2up0001.exe - Patch to resolve crashes on 200+ MHz machines
d2up0002.exe - Apply this patch if you have more than 2 gigs of free space on hard drive
ddadd.exe - Convert PCPLUS .DIR <-> ASCII
delphi.asp - Script to logon to DELPHI
dial.exe - 2.x Credit Card Dialer
diald.asp - Script to load Dialing Directory
dircon.exe - Converts PROCOMM PLUS 1.x Dialing Directories
diredi.exe - Dialing Directory editor for PROCOMM PLUS 2.x
dostim.exe - Script to set system time to USNO
doweekly.exe - Script designed to run weekly
dp201.exe - Patches for various ailments in PCPLUS.
elaptm.exe - DOS ASPECT code: Display elapsed time
ens.asp - Script: Mail ENS articles to yourself
epcasp.exe - Scripts to log on to EPIC
fdasp2.exe - FASTDOC version 2.0 script
files.v2 - Files included with PROCOMM PLUS not in appendix
fixkey.asp - Script to fix \ and | on UK keyboard
fixmdm.exe - Script to reconfigure modem
fluke13.exe - Connect PROCOMM PLUS to a Fluke Scopemeter
fsasp.exe - PROCOMM PLUS scripts to logon to FirstSearch
fulldo.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script to provide DOORWAY option
gen2.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script to logon to Genie
geniea.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script to logon to Genie & get mail
hanoi.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script: Towers of Hanoi
helpcp.exe - Sample setup screens/comments for PROCOMM PLUS
hexnum.asp - DOS ASPECT: Code to convert Decimal - Hex
hook.c - How to use C to hook into PROCOMM PLUS
host.asp - Example Host mode script (see p.221 of manual)
hostpb.exe - User comments/suggestions on Host mode
howlng.exe - PCPLUS.FON file processor
hukpas.exe - Interface ASPECT/PASCAL. Utilities. Get cmd line
kb3708.txt - Text showing keymaps for 3708 with VT100
kermt.exe - Replacement KERMIT.RTE for PROCOMM PLUS 2.01
keys.asp - DOS ASPECT code to capture keyboard input
klondk.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script: Klondike
ktst.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script: Display TERMKEY key codes
kycode.exe - ASPECT definitions file with KeyGet key codes
log31.exe - PROCOMM PLUS Call LOG Analysis - Version 3.1
lstbx2.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script: produce list boxes
mci20.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script: MCI Mail handler
mqdata.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script for downloading stock quotes
mud033.exe - Manipulate PROCOMM PLUS Dialing Directories
myhost.exe - Alternative Host script for PROCOMM PLUS
nbs.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script to set time by calling the NBS
passpa.exe - Pass parameters to PROCOMM PLUS from command line
patch20.zip - Patches for version Procomm Plus 2.0
patnv2.exe - PROCOMM PLUS Network Version 2.0 patches
pcfmt.zip - Program to reformat script files
pcinst.exe - Replacement PCINSTAL.EXE
pcp.exe - Some useful PROCOMM PLUS script utilities
pcparea.zip - Program to switch dialing directory to different area codes
pcpbdr.exe - Set border color of VGA screen
pcpla10.zip - Procomm Plus Log Analyzer
pcplus.kbd - Updated PCPLUS.KBD for VT220 and VT320
pcdred10.zip - Dialing directory editor
pcpm200.zip - Another external protocol enabler
pctef.exe - Timed execution facility for running scripts
pde201.zip - Dialing Directory editor
pdm.zip - Utility to edit dialing directory
pgesrv.asp - Script that sends text files to a pager.
phndir.exe - PASCAL prog to read Dial Directory
portal2.zip - Script to automate logons to Portal
pp20ky.exe - PROCOMM PLUS 2.x .KBD file for VT keyboards
ppstock4.zip - Downloads stock information from Compuserve
prodia21.zip - Script to automate PC Pursuit logons
profi.doc - Description of PROFILE.ASP
readsc.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script to read direct from screen
remote.asp - REMOTE.ASP, example from DOS ASPECT manual
ringba.exe - PROCOMM PLUS Host mode script with Ringback
rngbck.exe - PROCOMM PLUS Host/Voice on same phone line
screen.exe - DOS ASPECT .INC screen handling functions
scribe.exe - Script that builds menus for PROCOMM PLUS
shadbo.exe - DOS ASPECT .INC file for drop shadow boxes
smmlog.exe - Analyzer for PCPLUS.FON file
snap32.asp - Performs screen snapshots with keyhit
sonotr.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script to add color 3161 support
sprint.asp - DOS ASPECT script to logon to SprintNet
swp132.com - PROCOMM PLUS script to switch between 132/80 cols
tb10.txt - How to fix PROCOMM PLUS 2.x Status Line problems
tb13.txt - How to do/upload Monitor mode dumps
tb14.txt - Features of PROCOMM PLUS Network Version 2.x
tb21.txt - Installing a high speed modem in PROCOMM PLUS 2.x
tb23.txt - Installing the PROCOMM PLUS 2.x icon on desktop
tb25.txt - Recommended PROCOMM PLUS 2.x .PIF settings
tb26.txt - Problems running PROCOMM PLUS 2.x in Windows
tb28.txt - Patching PROCOMM PLUS 2.01 program files
tb30.txt - Patching PROCOMM PLUS Network Version 2.0
tb35.txt - Using Long Distance Codes in PROCOMM PLUS
tb37.txt - Configuring for Non-Standard Ports.
tb44.txt - Host Mode File Transfers: PROCOMM PLUS 2.01
tb63.txt - Host Mode: Welcome Message No Show
tb64.txt - Host Mode: Users Can't Log On
tb68.txt - ZMODEM Downloads Do Not Start?
tb69.txt - Incomplete File Transfers: No Carrier
tb70.txt - Incomplete File Transfers: No Progress
tb71.txt - KERMIT File Transfer Problems
tb86.txt - Avoiding file transfer problems.
tb90.txt - Resolving Common IRQ and BPA Conflicts
tb99.txt - Why were 144 and 288 Baud Rates Omitted in 2.01?
tb165.txt - PCPLUS 2.0x ASPECT Commands Grouped By Functions
tb192.txt - PROCOMM PLUS 2.x (DOS) FAQ
tb193.txt - File Transfer FAQ
tb324.txt - Procomm Plus 2.01 for DOS Tips
telene.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script to logon to SprintNet Help
termnl.exe - Set CIS Terminal Options
tickr.exe - Interface for PROCOMM PLUS to download stock quotes
trap.com - PROCOMM PLUS script to trap emulation sequences
tymnet.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script to logon to TYMENET
unlogz.exe - Cleans up a log
usnozip.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script to set system time to USNO
ustdow.asp - DOS ASPECT to automate Dow Jones downloads
vt320.exe - PROCOMM PLUS .KBD file and description for VT-320
vtkey.exe - PROCOMM PLUS .KBD file for VT-320
wait.asp - PROCOMM PLUS script: Automatic logoff from CIS
wxlogg.exe - Weather logger script file
wyse50.kbd - WYSE50 for PROCOMM PLUS 2.01
ziff.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script to access ZiffNet
zmail3.zip - Collection of scripts to automate mail doors

Procomm Plus for Windows version 1:

dnload30.zip - Automate downloads of QWK packets from PC Board systems.
g20upd.zip - Patch for Ghost 2.0
ghost100.zip - Version 1.0 of Ghost BBS, replacement host script
ghost200.zip - Version 2.0 of Ghost BBS, replacement host script
goplaces.zip - Script to navigate CompuServe forums
maxs11.exe - A BBS which is an integration of Microsoft Access and Procomm
pcmail51.zip - Automates QWK mail operations with PC Board systems
prcm_nbs.zip - Updated version of nbs.asp to sync PC clock with NBS time
prohstv1.zip - Replacement host mode script
proqwk21.zip - Script to manipulate QWK packets
pw1arc.lst - List of PW1ARCx.EXE files
pw1arc1.exe - Archive 1 of useful files for PROCOMM PLUS 1.02
pw1arc2.exe - Archive 2 of useful files for PROCOMM PLUS 1.02
pw1arc3.exe - Archive 3 of useful files for PROCOMM PLUS 1.02
pw1arc4.exe - Archive 4 of useful files for PROCOMM PLUS 1.02
pw1arc5.exe - Archive 5 of useful files for PROCOMM PLUS 1.02
pwzmod11.zip - External protocol script to create batch upload jobs

Procomm Plus for Windows version 2:

210211.exe - Patch to upgrade Procomm Plus 2.10 to version 2.11
alpager.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script for Alpha pagers
alpager2.exe - PROCOMM PLUS for Windows script for Alpha Pagers
ansi10.kbd - ANSI 105 keyboard map
anycap.was - PROCOMM PLUS script: Enter Capture path/name
array.was - PROCOMM PLUS script: Demonstrates bubble sort
aspdll.exe - Aspect and DLLs
autcs2.exe - PROCOMM PLUS Script to automate Mail & Forums
calhst.exe - Script to automate file transfers to host
capnam.was - PROCOMM PLUS script: return Capture filename
chess2.exe - Icon based chess game
cid.exe - Caller ID script pops up dialog in applications.
cstatus.exe - App to track status messages in a separate window
ddeicons.was - DDE script to add PROCOMM PLUS icons
disable.exe - DISABLE.WAS for Limited ACCESS
docall.exe - Dialing script to include in scripts. Ver 1.01
emulator.was - EMULATOR.WAS SCRIPT for DATA
enqbtg.was - Toggles ENQ CISB ON or OFF from MetaKey
escc.was - Monitors the port for the ESC C sequence
examples.exe - A collection of small ASPECT scripts
exit.was - Script that closes Fax Status
exittime.exe - Script sets computer date & time from CIS string.
faxback.txt - Creating and using FaxBack files in PW2 Host.
faxbrowz.was - FAXBROWZ.WAS an ASPECT script
faxdesc.exe - Script to track FAX files
fcc.was - A script for calling up the FCC
fckey.exe - Meta Key file for French/Canadian keyboards
free20.exe - PCB Freedom v2.00 for PROCOMM PLUS
frept2.exe - Frees port for use by other programs
gateway.exe - PROCOMM PLUS script for calling through a "gateway"
ghost32.exe - GHOST BBS 3.20
grabini.exe - Script to grab information from INI files
grid.exe - Example of a DLL used by ASPECT
haysaa.was - Disables Adaptive Answer during data call
hints.doc - HINTS.TXT structure and how to modify
hsd115b4.exe PROCOMM PLUS .DLP for HS/Link Protocol
infini.wax - Infiniti Online Host mode replacement
infiniti.exe - Infiniti Online version 5.0
keychk.was - PROCOMM PLUS script prompts user/reports key value
kwik2.exe - No Brainer Info Strainer: Kwik Knowledge 2.11
liveline.exe - PROCOMM PLUS for Windows script: LiveLine
multemp.was - Multiple Telnet v1.02
nonemi.was - Frees Data & Fax ports, minimize, restore ports.
phonepad.exe - Manual phone dialer keypad script
pinedump.was - PINE Mail capture utility
presents.exe - Script shows present Data & Fax settings in 1 box
prohyd.exe - Use PROCOMM PLUS with Hydra II
pw211.exe - Patch to upgrade Procomm Plus 2.0 to version 2.11
pw2fon.exe - PCPLUS SS fonts
pw2grp.rec - Creates program group
ringback.exe - Script to activate Host using a ringback call
scrlog2.exe - Script to capture non-scrolling screens - V 1.20
setim2.exe - Sets clock with NIST, USNO or NRC time. Ver 2.24
showcp.was - WIN Control Panel Time/Date settings results PW2
tb12.txt - Auto and Adaptive Answer discussion
tb20.txt - Aspect Commands Grouped by Functions.
tb29.txt - How to Install my High Speed modem.
tb46.txt - Fax Polling: Explained
tb47.txt - Caller ID: Explanation and Use
tb48.txt - Permanently Removing Fax Support
tb49.txt - Distinctive Ring: Explanation and Use
tb51.txt - Disabling/Restoring Fax Support
tb57.txt - Host Mode: Modem Reporting Online
tb59.txt - FAXSTAT Error Messages
tb73.txt - Fax and Data Port Sharing
tb74.txt - Fax appearance problems
tb80.txt - Technical Bulletin: Using BFT support in PW2.1
tb88.txt - How to use an RPI modem in ProWin v2.xx
tb107.txt - Manually completing installation if SETUP fails
tb113.txt - Using Adaptive Answer with the Sportster 28.8
tb114.txt - Replacement Comm Drivers
tb118.txt - Installation Problem: Unable To Create Icons
tb120.txt - Using Long Distance Calling Cards
tb124.txt - WordPerfect Patch Fixes DDE Problem
testfax.exe - PROCOMM PLUS for Windows script: TestFax
trapkey.exe - Script to filter key sequences
treesort.exe - ASPECT Tree Sort Demonstration Script
tymcis.was - Logon to CIS via BT Tymnet
upload2.exe - Script to help with ASCII and RAW ASCII transfers
userwin.exe - Sample script of mouse location in User Windows
vt1kbd.exe - VT100 KBD definition for mainframe connect
w2ua0001.exe - Auxiliary file updating CISMGR US version
w2ul0001.exe - Replacement DLC for problems with file transfers
w2umodem.exe - Procomm Plus 2.xUS for Win WMODEMS.DAT Update
w2us0001.exe - Alternate login for CISMGR for TELNET connection
wait.exe - How to do multiple WAITFORs simultaneously!

Procomm Plus for Windows version 3:

3lottery.exe - lottery sample script
alpager3.exe - Alpha Pager Script
aspdll.exe - Aspect and DLLs
callid.was - Caller Id utility script
cdfix.exe - Fix for FAX.PWB and CIS.PHN error
creatweb.exe - Create WEB page with ASPECT
datacap.exe- A script to name a capture file by the system date
ddesamp.exe - DDE Sample for PROCOMM PLUS 3.0
del_3ini.exe - Removing visited Web sites
export.exe - Script to create web page with Links from Connect
fax_conv.exe - Script to convert PW2 faxes for use with PW3
faxsend3.exe - Script to provide consolidated Fax Management.
fromfill.exe - Script to read Station ID information.
ftpretry.was - FTP redial script.
genimprt.exe - Import generic text dir files
hotlist.exe - PROCOMM PLUS 3.0 for Windows URL Hot List
manual.exe - PROCOMM PLUS 3.0 Manual ISP Logon Script
modesize.exe - Window size utility script.
offline.exe - Offline news reader
printhlp.exe - Print ASPECT on-line help
pubtans.exe - Technical Application Notes
raw.exe - Script to help with RAW ASCII upload
scrlog3.exe - Script to capture non-scrolling screens - V 3.00
settime3.exe - Sets clock with NIST, USNO or NRC time. Ver 3.01
tb135.txt - ADDICON ASPECT Script
tb139.txt - How to Use the MODEMTST ASPECT Script
tb142.txt - ASPECT commands grouped by function
tb143.txt - ASPECT Reserved Word Changes
tb145.txt - ASPECT Reserved Word Equivalents
tb157.txt - PROCOMM PLUS and RPI Modems
tb159.txt - Using DSPing to Test Connectivity Problems
tb161.txt - Troubleshooting Adaptive Answer
tb164.txt - PROCOMM PLUS 3.0 For Windows FAQ
tb171.txt - Uninstalling PROCOMM PLUS 3.0
tb180.txt - Modifying the Host Script for Adaptive Answering
timechek.was - Script to provide info from connection log
w3ua0001.exe - Replacement LOGON.DAT that fixes problem
w3ua0002.exe - File to Fix Problems with AT&T WorldNet Logons
w3uaisp.exe - Internet Service Provider List
w3ul0002.exe - Upgrade Procomm Plus 3.0 to version 3.02
w3us0003.exe - Repairs Win32 installation shipped with version 3.0
w3us0005.exe - Script to repair news and mail databases
w3umodem.exe - Updated WMODEMS.DAT for version 3.x
webpoll.exe - Aspect program to reload a WEB page.
wysefix.was - Script fix for a PW3 problem with WYSE

Procomm Plus for Windows version 4:

2to4usr.exe - SCRIPT to convert HOST user files Ver 2 Ver 4
3to4usr.exe - SCRIPT to convert HOST user files Ver 3 Ver 4
anycap4.exe - Open Capture File in any path.
aspfix.exe - Updated ASPECT32.DLL file for versions 4.6 and 4.7
bouncer.exe - Fun Sample program
bubsort.exe - Demonstration of a BUBBLE SORT using arrays.
calc.exe - Simulates Calculator Using #Included Files.
capture.exe - Continually captures the terminal screen to a file
chgdate.exe - Download file & change date and time stamp.
creatwb4.exe - Example script that will create an HTML Web Page
datecap.exe - DATECAP.WAS Names a capture file by the system date
dbctrls.exe - Demo for dialog boxes.
dbstyles.exe - Demonstration of Dialog Box Styles
ddeexam4.exe - Demonstrates DDE intra-program communication.
dedprint.exe - Collection of scripts to alter the path of printing through Procomm.
emulate4.exe - Detect and strip or convert incoming data.
entry.exe - Data Entry Script for Connection Directory
escc4.exe - Traps ESC C and sets terminal to full duplex
export4.exe - Export4.was Create Web Page with links
faxcomnd.exe - Create a FAXSEND command line
faxedit.exe - Views, edits, and sends a fax. Shows Success or Failure
findfirs.exe - Sample for FINDFIRST and $-variables
ftpretry.exe - Retries a busy FTP site until connected.
ftpup.exe - Batch file upload to FTP host.
kermtrns.exe - KERMIT file transfer
keychek4.exe - Shows Decimal and Hex values of a key pressed.
maxs40.zip - Script to make Access databases available through a Procomm connection
playbell.exe - Plays a wave file when ^G comes through the port
prnthlp4.exe - Script to print ASPECT on-line help manual
pw4.exe - Updated executable file for versions 4.6 and 4.7
pwdll.dll - Updated file for Procomm Plus versions 4.6 and 4.7
pwqwk32.exe - Updated file for version 4.5x
setfetch.exe - Demonstrates Aspect Set/Fetch Functions
snapshot.exe - Creates a Snapshot of the terminal screen
tb33.txt - Procomm Plus 32 Technical FAQ
tb38.txt - Procomm Plus Network Install Guide
tb109.txt - Procomm Connections version 4.60 Technical FAQ
tb121.txt - Fax Annotation FAQ
tb131.txt - ASPECT Command Conversions from PCPLUS for DOS
tb147.txt - ASPECT Command Conversions from PW1
tb154.txt - Creating Custom RIPscrip Screens for Host Mode
tb191.txt - ASPECT Command Changes
tb210.txt - Procomm Plus 4.0 technical FAQ
tb231.txt - Distinctive Ring and Procomm Plus
telnet4.exe - Demo of telnet set/fetch commands
timecalc.exe - Demonstrates an easy date conversion scheme
twocol.exe - Text column into HTML table.
virtkey4.exe - Sends virtual keys to NOTEPAD.EXE
w4ua0001.exe - Update to fax merge script for version 4.0 only
w4ua0002.exe - Update to fax merge script for versions 4.0 and 4.5 only
w4ul0001.exe - Updated printing module for versions 4.6 and 4.7
w4umodem.exe - Updated WMODEMS.DAT for version 4.x
w4us0001.exe - Script to repair news and mail databases
w4uu0001.exe - Patch to upgrade version 4.0 to 4.01
w4uu0002.exe - Patch to upgrade version 4.5 to 4.51


r1umodem.exe - RapidRemote 1.x US for Windows REMOTE.DAT Update
tb325.txt - RapidRemote 1.1x Tips (Solutions of the Week)
w4ud0001.exe - Updated vilrc.vxd for versions 1.0 and 1.10
w4uu0003.exe - RapidRemote Version 1.51 to 1.52 Patch
w4uu0004.exe - RapidRemote Version 1.50 to 1.52 Patch

This document maintained by John Schultz. Material Copyright © 2002-2017
Procomm Plus and ASPECT are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation