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In addition to dispensing information about Procomm Plus and the ASPECT scripting language, I also write custom ASPECT scripts. Feel free to email me if you would like a quote for a custom script, or fill out the form below with the requested information. Please include as much information as possible about the functions the script should perform, as well as what versions of Procomm Plus and Windows you are using. If you are unsure of what version of Procomm Plus you are using, follow this link to find out how to determine this information.

Please be aware that I have experienced some sporadic difficulties sending email to different Internet providers in the past. If you do not receive a response from me within two days, please send your message again and I will make contact through alternate means.



Version of Procomm:

Version of Windows:

Functionality desired:

I also perform software testing of Windows-based programs and web applications if you are need of those services.

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